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"Shakti Learning Centre is working with children from various Schools and Institutions of Nagpur. To mention a few, Bhartiya Vidya Mandir (all three branches), Narayana Vidyalaya, E Pathshala, Jain Heritage, Wonderland, Brainworks, Keshava Nagar School, Prerna Convent and the National Institute of Open Schooling centre at St. Joseph's School"
"Regular reference and interaction with children of these schools and their parents bears testimony and reposes faith in this fact, that Shakti Learning Centre is fast becoming the epicentre for children with Learning Disorders, School Dropouts, Slow Learners and Challenged children in Nagpur."
"Even prestigious institutes such as the 'National Institute of Mental Sciences & Neuro Sciences (Deemed University) Bangalore (NIMHANS) has recommended our Centre for remediation and education of children with poor scholastic abilities and learning disorders."
Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, Sri Krishna Nagar, Nagpur, is particularly interactive and appreciative of our efforts. They have a number of children with learning disabilities in their school who are appearing for Secondary School Exams through NIOS, and are being trained by us. Their concern for such children is Laudable.
            A number of schools are now accepting students on their rolls to give Secondary and Senior Secondary School exams through NIOS (CBSE). These students are trained by us, attempt our Class and Term exams in school, based on the NIOS subjects and syllabus, after due approval and cooperation of the school authorities. This is a very positive development, in the education of children with Learning Disabilities.

DIRECTOR'S DESK - Dr Deepa Mehta, Psychologist
SLARC - "Towards inclusion" -- Conceptualized by Dr Deepa Mehta, Consulting Psychologist, with 25 years of experience in handling children with learning disabilities. She is assisted by a team of Specialists – Dr Pooja Singh, DNB Psychiatry, Dr Siddharth Singh, DNB Family Medicine and Shakti Mehta, Consulting Psychologist.
Dr Deepa Mehta has exceptional hands on experience with school dropouts and children with intellectual disability. She possesses the ability to analyse the child’s problem and devise an Individual Educational Programme for any child with any form of learning disability. It is her this ability which distinguishes her from others and has helped hundreds of such children get over their disabilities to the extent that they have confidently supported themselves to face the challenges of the outside world. Parents of these children feel better equipped to deal with their children’s educational and behavioural problems. In her this endeavour she is supported by a team of teachers and specialists.
We are extremely grateful to Times of India – Nagpur Edition for having covered us so extensively over the years on so many occasions. Gratitudes.