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These questions are guidelines for parents. If the child has any of these problems, then he needs to be attended to
Is the child
  • easily distracted
  • misses details
  • frequently switches from one activity to another
  • having difficulty in maintaining focus on a task
  • becomes bored with a task after just a few minutes
  • not listening when spoken to
  • day dreaming often
  • having difficulty in processing information
  • hyperactive
  • having difficulty in planning and organizing a task
  • having delayed speech
  • having poor eye contact
  • unable to engage socially or emotionally with caregiver
  • having stereotypical body movement
  • having preferences for solitary play
  • displaying marked need for sameness
  • DIRECTOR'S DESK - Dr Deepa Mehta, Psychologist
    SLARC - "Towards inclusion" -- Idealized by Dr Deepa Mehta, Consulting Psychologist, with 28 years of experience in handling children with delayed intellectual development. She is assisted by the team of Specialists – Dr Pooja Singh, DNB Psychiatry, Dr Siddharth Singh, DNB Family Medicine and Shakti Mehta, Consulting Psychologist and Col Deepak Mehta.
    Dr Deepa Mehta has hands on experience with school dropouts, slow learners and children with delayed intellectual development. An author of a number of books and articles she is actively involved in education and rehabilitation of these children. She has helped hundreds of such children get over their problems to the extent that they have confidently supported themselves to face the challenges of the outside world. Parents of these children feel better equipped to deal with their children’s educational and behavioural problems. In her this endeavour she is supported by a team of teachers and specialists.
    We are extremely grateful to Times of India – Nagpur Edition for having covered us so extensively over the years on so many occasions. Gratitude.