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Early Intervention
Early Intervention of a challenged child since the time he is 6 months old, till completion of class XII boards/Graduation is the purpose of this centre. Initially individual intervention is carried out and gradually group sessions are conducted. The child is assessed for his individual capability and skills, his level of personal development and expression. Leadership qualities amongst these children are identified and then cultivated. Emotional development, cognitive development, language and motor control development too are undertaken. All possible facilities required for this purpose are available at this centre. The primary aim is to develop the concentration span of the child and reduce his hyperactivity to enable him in the learning process.
We aim to make the child independent enough to perform the basic functions of day to day life without external support, with the aim plus being to earn a living for himself.
Education Process
Recognition and differentiation of letters, oral expression of numbers and alphabets, counting, addition, subtraction, calculation of time, value of money, on to writing, drawing, craft and thereafter subject wise learning till an attempt can be made at the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) - CBSE boards; is the purpose of education at our centre. Such children have been successfully put through the class XII boards with the help of a reader/scribe. Subjects generally chosen are Computers, Home science, Business studies, English, Sociology, Economics and Painting. Simple innovative methods have been devised to teach these subjects, after a lot of research and trial. Repetitive practice of these simple methods over a long period of time makes the child comprehend, learn and remember. It is tedious but rewarding.
Right from online admission in NIOS till clearance of the boards, all is taken up at the centre. Slow learners, school dropouts, under achievers and others are assessed for their aptitude and taken up accordingly. This is how this Centre is different from others.
Involvement of Mothers
At SLARC we ensure complete involvement of mothers in the learning process of their wards so that she can contribute actively in her wards development. It is the mother-child combination that we aim to teach, and not just the child. Therefore we ensure that the mother sits alongside the child when teaching is imparted to the child, so that she can teach the child in a similar manner at home. This aspect is considered very important. If the mother lacks in her own literate content than she is taught right from the basics if the need be, so that at a later stage she is her wards tutor.
DIRECTOR'S DESK - Dr Deepa Mehta, Psychologist
SLARC - "Towards inclusion" -- Idealized by Dr Deepa Mehta, Consulting Psychologist, with 28 years of experience in handling children with delayed intellectual development. She is assisted by the team of Specialists – Dr Pooja Singh, DNB Psychiatry, Dr Siddharth Singh, DNB Family Medicine and Shakti Mehta, Consulting Psychologist and Col Deepak Mehta.
Dr Deepa Mehta has hands on experience with school dropouts, slow learners and children with delayed intellectual development. An author of a number of books and articles she is actively involved in education and rehabilitation of these children. She has helped hundreds of such children get over their problems to the extent that they have confidently supported themselves to face the challenges of the outside world. Parents of these children feel better equipped to deal with their children’s educational and behavioural problems. In her this endeavour she is supported by a team of teachers and specialists.
We are extremely grateful to Times of India – Nagpur Edition for having covered us so extensively over the years on so many occasions. Gratitude.